About Us

Our Story

50 years ago Joyce and Phil Samaroo moved to NYC with 3 children and a dream for a better future. Immigrants from Guyana South America, and once owning and operating a 500 acre farm the family settled into a 3 bedroom walk up in the Bronx. Hard work and determination would underscore the years as they would focus on property ownership in the real estate market and building a better future for their children and grand children. Each day as they sent the kids off to school Phil and Joyce took the train to NYU where they would learn everything they could about buying and selling real estate.

In the early 80’s, the Samaroo’s purchased their first building, an 8 unit apt building in the Bronx that they renovated themselves. Today they own multiple properties throughout Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx. Phil still goes to the office several times a week but has handed off most of the day to day business to his oldest daughter Deirdra and his son Keith. Deirdra heads up the NY division and 6 years ago, Keith expanded the business to middle TN with the premiere project in Madison Creative way Village.

Since making the move down south and calling TN home- Keith’s wife grew up in NC and his son went to Vanderbilt University, Samaroo Group has focused specifically in the Madison area because of the value presented and the need for work force housing. Keith brings institutional knowledge from working in the Burroughs of NYC to Nashville; incorporating sustainability and new urbanism-a guideline design philosophy to enhance intergenerational housing and pedestrian friendly neighborhoods.

Samaroo Group is proud to feature their premiere project in Madison -Creative Way Village iconically reminiscent of childhood memories of villages in and around NYC. The village design is fashioned after the famous brownstone neighborhoods that still exist today in NYC and Brooklyn. CWV is 35 townhomes, two apartment buildings and 9,000 sq ft of retail space-all made of sturdy brick with front stoops and amenities such as a pool, dog park and mediation gardens. With other exciting property investments on the horizon, Samaroo Group is excited for future developments in and around Nashville.