About Us

Our Story

Fifty years ago, Joyce and Phil Samaroo embarked on a journey to New York City with their three children and a dream for a better future. As immigrants from Guyana, South America, they settled into a modest three-bedroom walk-up in the Bronx. Their unwavering commitment to hard work and determination fueled their pursuit of property ownership in the real estate market, all while building a legacy for their children and grandchildren.

Expanding Horizons

Deirdra leads the New York division, while Keith, inspired by his wife’s North Carolina roots and his son’s Vanderbilt University experience, expanded the business to middle Tennessee. In Nashville, Samaroo Group focuses on creating value-driven, workforce housing. Keith brings institutional knowledge from the boroughs of NYC, incorporating sustainability and new urbanism into their projects.

Creative Way Village (CWV)

Samaroo Group’s premiere project is in Madison, TN—Creative Way Village. This iconic community draws inspiration from the brownstone neighborhoods of New York City and Brooklyn. CWV features 35 townhomes, two apartment buildings, and 9,000 square feet with a boutique hotel and retail space—all crafted from sturdy brick, complete with front stoops, a pool, a dog park, and walking trails. 

With many exciting property investments on the horizon, Samaroo Group eagerly anticipates future developments in and around Nashvilleand Middle Tennessee. 

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